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The Unlearned Learn Best

At we “learn” that in the past our present word, learn, had a “base sense” which was: “to follow or to find the track.” So learning, based on this sense, is a following or the discovery of a track that will hopefully lead us to the learning of that which we are interested in. And in this sense I wish to remain, and for us to keep this in mind. For to understand the un-learning and re-learning that has not been levelled down by common assumptions and worn out paths (tracks) we must stay with this earliest or basic sense. Since that is the beginning and as Aristotle would say: The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousand fold.”

But first let us attempt to grasp this beginning in its wholeness:

I am like the newborn babe;
The world is still unfamiliar, fresh.

Before me lies an openness that seems infinite:
Nothing, is as yet named,
Nothing, has yet to be decided,
Everything comes just as it is.

Only subtly and slowly do I see the process
Of interpretation and judgement growing.
Only slowly do I follow;
the path that everyone else follows.

Soon the world has become familiar,
And this familiarity grants spectacular

To speak, dance, and write,
To run, play, and climb trees,
To build and create on a whim,
Either, invisibly, within the mind,
Or externally with forts and mini bombs
Made of vinegar and baking soda.

But shortly the examinations will begin,
Heralding the end of that open playfulness:
The beginning of Reward or Punishment
For Conformity or Deviation.

So where do we stand today? Have we deviated from the initial truth of the open, judgement free namelessness of the world? Have we forgotten all that we have built up on top of this initial truth? Do we not see this initial and first truth as our understanding of chaos? That to live and grow well we had no choice but to build up a foundation and edifice on top of all this chaos of variation. That it was in fact necessary to create a universal naming or classification system. For how else could we communicate with each other if we knew not the same words and made similar judgements, but what happens when this is achieved? What happens when the path to this achievement of culture and society becomes worn out and no longer poses any real problems or troubles? What happens to a man if everything is given easily to him and he does not have to think for himself? When everyone else or a body of individuals have all the answers and there is no need to get off the couch? What happens to us as human beings when our learning has become rigid and everything follows logically to pre-established answers? When the systems we created, as tools, to help us digest this chaotic and indigestible universe tell us how to think and feel?

Therefore I have un-learned the path to this misconception and education and am then following a path towards embracing the whole truth.



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