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The Uncarved is the realm within which things are allowed to go through the process of continual carving and un-carving. Its purpose is for gathering and research. Gathering together the insights and materials of the past for the betterment and raising up of the Present from the confusing murkiness within which everything now resides.

In short…this is solitudinus’ research space and therefore, if you enter, leave yourself at the door. You will only cause yourself pain if you wander in without being awake and aware. The foundation of things and our perception of them will be questioned. Everything here is to be and remain in question. We who reside here like to be on the brink; with an Abyss before and behind us. This is our freedom and joy. There is no room for sentimental attachments (unless of course they serve to illuminate the nature of attachment and sentimentality or to bring one to Katharsis). We seek here naught but the truth, the logos. We don’t care what you use to build yourself up or what prejudices you unconsciously carry with you. We Un-carve. We destroy and rebuild; We are not afraid.

This disclaimer, in general, I don’t think should be necessary, we should understand the proper limitations of intellectual rigour and the seriousness necessary thereby, but the growth of sentimentality has made it too easy for people to be emotionally reactive. In one sense, this is good, in another, bad. Good in the sense that if the person being “sentimental” can free themselves from their over-attachment to the word or idea that has trapped and enslaved them, then they can come to a clear seeing, for themselves, of this truth. And it is, therefore, “bad”, because, if the person is unable, the emotions will cloud out the understanding of self and things, ie. reality.



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