Towards the Dawn

Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth leads to Truth. The path and way of being, particularly human being, flows like this. This is one of the most general notions that can be spoken about the Essence and Destiny of Man. Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth to Truth. Man is that organic process, that creatively ordered flux. […]

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But Secretly We Thirst…

Graceful as dancer’s arabesque and bow, Our lives appear serene and without stress, A gentle dance around pure nothingness To which we sacrifice the here and now. Our dreams are lovely and our game is bright, So finely tuned, with many artful turns, But deep beneath the tranquil surface burns Longing for blood, barbarity, and […]

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Relationship: An Ending

In your room, On a couch I sit with you. I, on one side. You, on the other. This cushion that lies between us, This symbol, this cushion that makes My heart heavy from a love no longer Allowed to give of itself. What was once surmountable, Be it an hour, a minute, A street, […]

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The Good v2

The destitute landscape of mind Lies before seeking eyes. As the rising sun Slowly illuminates: This barbarous land; When the light Continues to age, Out of the firmament Of our thoughtlessness Arises the attitude, The quality Of thought-fullness. But before command is taken: The inverted mount awaits devotion. Serpentine struggles, Through its shivering roaring river. […]

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Elements, Symbols

What is this Fire burning brightly, this upward floating freely? What is this crisp dry Air, that makes everything easy to bare? What is this Water smoothly flowing, that ease of downward going? What is this Earth fixed and certain, this hardiness at the final curtain? The Cyclic dance is growing, Our oneness in circle […]

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Soular Movements

Our soular movement Creates our gravity From traced infinity In the planetary realms Of intangible existence. This gestation period Before our true beauty Can blossom forth into Multi-dimensional creation. Our musical dance Of soular grace Into the wordlessness Of truth. solitudinus

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The Good

The barren landscape of mind Lies before vast eyes. As the rising sun Slowly illuminates: The desolate wasteland. And when the light Continues to age Out of the firmament Of thoughtlessness Arises the diagram, The edifice Of thoughtfulness. Before command is taken The inverted mount Awaits devotion, Serpentine struggles Through its shivering roaring river. On […]

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