The Great Overcoming

The great, to some extent ultimate, task posed here is that of understanding fear in all its forms as an instrument of the Self. Fear of the unknown and of all that is ego-alien turns out to be fear of the unknown aspects of “one-Self” and of “one-Self” as the unknown. In this sense the […]

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Fidelity To One’s Own Necessary Development

Even today women’s mental illnesses can be determined by attitudes of the traditionally “faithful” and constrictive patriarchal psychology. The lively development occasioned by the invasion of the transpersonal is excluded in these cases and turns negative. In this sense the endangerment, indeed the collapse, of the patriarchal, symbiotic marriage may constitute one of several elements […]

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Towards Real Relationship

In contrast to the collective, patriarchal marriage that, ultimately, is contracted by clans and families, the problem of individual relationship–that is, of encounter–becomes evident where relationship becomes a question of individual love rather than of being propelled by external collective forces such as groups or of inner collective energies such as drives. The individual relationship […]

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A Feminine Intellect

At the Beginning of the treatment the patient was quite unconscious of the fact that her relation to her father was a fixation, and that she¬†was therefore seeking a man like her father, whom she could meet with her intellect. This in itself would not have been a mistake if her intellect had not had […]

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