Towards the Dawn

Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth leads to Truth. The path and way of being, particularly human being, flows like this. This is one of the most general notions that can be spoken about the Essence and Destiny of Man. Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth to Truth. Man is that organic process, that creatively ordered flux. […]

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The Beauty of What, Is

Can that which is immeasurable be found by you and me? Can that which is not of time be searched out by that thing which is fashioned of time? Can a diligently practised discipline lead us to the unknown? Is there a means to that which has no beginning and no end? Can that reality […]

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The Uncharted Sea

For the discovery of truth there is no path. You must enter the uncharted sea – which is not depressing, which is not being adventurous. When you want to find something new, when you are experimenting with anything, your mind has to be very quiet, has it not? If your mind is crowded, filled with […]

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Knowledge as Hindrance

To be aware of something that is not the projection of the known, there must be the elimination, through the understanding, of the process of the known. Why is it that the mind clings always to the known? Is it not because the mind is constantly seeking certainty, security? Its very nature is fixed in […]

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Escaping Life’s Dubiousness

It was possible, for example, as that recluse had done, to turn oneself into a Chinese, shut oneself off behind a garden hedge, and live in a self-sufficient and beautiful kind of perfection. One might also become a Pythagorean or a monk and scholastic — but these were still escapes, renunciations of universality possible and […]

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The Broad

“The broad, incalculable sweep of time lets emerge everything that is not open as well as concealing (again) in itself what has appeared.” – Sophocles

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