The Great Overcoming

The great, to some extent ultimate, task posed here is that of understanding fear in all its forms as an instrument of the Self. Fear of the unknown and of all that is ego-alien turns out to be fear of the unknown aspects of “one-Self” and of “one-Self” as the unknown. In this sense the […]

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The Poet’s Courage

Is not all that’s alive close and akin to you, Does the Fate not herself keep you to serve her ends? Well, then, travel defenceless On through life, and fear nothing there! All that happens there be welcome, be blessed to you, Be an adept in joy, or is there anything That could harm you […]

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Knowledge as Hindrance

To be aware of something that is not the projection of the known, there must be the elimination, through the understanding, of the process of the known. Why is it that the mind clings always to the known? Is it not because the mind is constantly seeking certainty, security? Its very nature is fixed in […]

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