Feel the State of Death

We are afraid to die. To end the fear of death we must come into contact with death, not with the image which thought has created about death, but we must actually feel the state. Otherwise there is no end to fear, because the word death creates fear, and we don’t even want to talk […]

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Relationship: An Ending

In your room, On a couch I sit with you. I, on one side. You, on the other. This cushion that lies between us, This symbol, this cushion that makes My heart heavy from a love no longer Allowed to give of itself. What was once surmountable, Be it an hour, a minute, A street, […]

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The Truly Religious Man

The truly religious man is not the one who practices so-called religion, who holds to certain dogmas and beliefs, who performs certain rituals or pursues knowledge, for he is merely seeking another form of gratification. The man who is truly religious is completely free from society, he has no responsibility towards society; he may establish […]

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