To Unconsciously Break Through

Can you talk to my unconscious, knowing my conscious brain is going to resist you? Because you are telling me something which is revolutionary, you are telling me something which shatters all my whole house which I have built so carefully, and I won’t listen to you. You follow? My instinctive reactions push you away. […]

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Weakening of Judgement

Without claiming superiority of intellectual over visual understanding, one is nevertheless bound to admit that the cinema allows a number of æsthetic-intellectual means of perception to remain unexercised which cannot but lead to a weakening of judgment. – Johan Huizinga (1872–1945), Dutch historian. In the Shadow of Tomorrow, ch. 7 (1936).

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The Movie

We have been summoned We have been called upon By the Movie gods To be the witnesses To be observers of A content that has been Specially,specifically, formed To follow a certain logic To bring us to a certain conclusion The thinking has all been done No need to question the outcome Or the reality […]

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