Grasping the correct condition of the soul as presupposition for genuine speech (discussing)

d) The correct condition of the ψυχή  as presupposition for genuine λόγος (διαλέγεσθαι). To summarize, λόγος [speech], in its genuine function, is founded on dialectic. But, at the same time, we see that λέγειν [to speak], if it is living speech–living in the sense that it lets others see–necessarily presupposes a readiness to see on the part […]

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Note to self:

If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be come polished? – Rumi Most people will not be at all prepared for this…education says and does nothing for it and emotions are, in general, too powerful…. re-think how one could go about getting into the deep with others and consider the potential fact […]

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Towards Real Relationship

In contrast to the collective, patriarchal marriage that, ultimately, is contracted by clans and families, the problem of individual relationship–that is, of encounter–becomes evident where relationship becomes a question of individual love rather than of being propelled by external collective forces such as groups or of inner collective energies such as drives. The individual relationship […]

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Problems; Marital and Moral

The marital tragedy of the individual is the arena to which the problem of the changed relationship between man and woman is brought for settlement by the collective–a problem which has a collective meaning and relevance transcending the marital conflicts of the individual. And similarly, the moral problem which drives the individual into neurotic sickness […]

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“Problems thus draw us into an orphaned and isolated state where we are abandoned by nature and are driven to consciousness. There is no other way open to us; we are forced to resort to conscious decisions and solutions where formerly we trusted ourselves to natural happenings. Every problem, therefore, brings the possibility of a […]

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