Towards the Dawn

Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth leads to Truth. The path and way of being, particularly human being, flows like this. This is one of the most general notions that can be spoken about the Essence and Destiny of Man. Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth to Truth. Man is that organic process, that creatively ordered flux. […]

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Play, Myth, Ritual

The great archetypal activities of human society are all permeated with play from the start. Take language, for instance that first and supreme instrument which man shapes in order to communicate, to teach, to command. Language allows him to distinguish, to establish, to state things; in short, to name them and by naming them to […]

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The Truly Religious Man

The truly religious man is not the one who practices so-called religion, who holds to certain dogmas and beliefs, who performs certain rituals or pursues knowledge, for he is merely seeking another form of gratification. The man who is truly religious is completely free from society, he has no responsibility towards society; he may establish […]

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On Difference of Character

Although all the qualities of mind may be united in a great genius, yet there are some which are special and peculiar to him; his views are unlimited; he always acts uniformly and with the same activity; he sees distant objects as if present; he comprehends and grasps the greatest, sees and notices the smallest […]

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