A Request of Fate

We shall do without such historical decorative end pieces. Instead, we have a request to make of fate — a request for a feeling of duty for what lies before us each time, submission to the inevitable, and, when the great problems of existence confront us, a clear, unambiguous statement of these; finally, a request […]

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The Great Overcoming

The great, to some extent ultimate, task posed here is that of understanding fear in all its forms as an instrument of the Self. Fear of the unknown and of all that is ego-alien turns out to be fear of the unknown aspects of “one-Self” and of “one-Self” as the unknown. In this sense the […]

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I; the self-centered

To walk while the Earth trembles, To dance while the Earth quakes. The Ground erupts and convulses; Thrusting, spewing forth chaos, Uncertainty and death; No longer Does the Earth speak to the I, as something known; All intimacy Has dried and sunk into Darkness and oblivion. Lost is the I who once saw, Lived, slept in the […]

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