The Great Individual

We come now to an important criterion. Many genuinely “great” men are distinguished from these lower stages by the fact that their conscious mind actively participates in the process and adopts a responsible attitude toward it. What characterizes the hypnotist who is hypnotized by the unconscious is the banality of his mind, its lack of […]

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Rarity of Consciousness

The cardinal discovery of transpersonal psychology is that the collective psyche, the deepest layer of the unconscious, is the living ground current from which is derived everything to do with a particularized ego possessing consciousness: upon this it is based, by this it is nourished, and without this it cannot exist. The group psyche which, […]

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A Thorn

“If you introduce new, intelligent ideas to fools, you will be thought frivolous, not intelligent. On the other hand, if you do get a reputation for surpassing those who are supposed to be intellectually sophisticated, you will seem to be a thorn in the city’s flesh. This is what has happened to me.”— Medea, lines […]

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True Experimentation

89. PHYSICAL THEORY OF ART. How few people have a genius for experimenting. The true experimenter must have a dim feeling for Nature within himself, which—depending on the perfection of his faculties—guides him with unfailing surety along his path, allowing him to discover and determine with much greater precision, the hidden and decisive phenomenon. Nature […]

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Theory of Person

63. THEORY OF PERSON. A truly synthetic person, is a person who is many people simultaneously—a genius. Every person is the seed of an infinite genius. They may be divided into numerous people, and yet still be one. The true analysis of the person as such, brings forth people—the person can only be isolated, split […]

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