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Category Archives: On Experimentation

No one rises above himself who has not turned his most
dangerous weapon against himself. One who wants to rise above
himself shall climb down and hoist himself onto himself and lug
himself to the place of sacrifice. But what must happen to a man
until he realizes that outer visible success, that he can grasp with
his hands, leads him astray. What suffering must be brought
upon humanity; until man gives up satisfying his longing for
power over his fellow man and forever wanting others to be the
same. How much blood must go on flowing until man opens his
eyes and sees the way to his own path and himself as the enemy;
and becomes aware of his real success. You ought to be able to
live with yourself but not at your neighbor’s expense. The herd
animal is not his brother’s parasite and pest. Man, you have even
forgotten that you too are an animal. You actually still seem to
believe that life is better elsewhere. Woe unto you if your neighbor
also thinks so. But you may be sure that he does. Someone must
begin to stop being childish.

– Jung (The Red Book, p.310)


…There is no morality that alone makes moral, and every ethic that affirms itself exclusively kills too much good strength and costs humanity too dearly. The deviants, who are so frequently the inventive and fruitful ones, shall no longer be sacrificed; it shall not even be considered infamous to deviate from morality, in thought and deed; numerous new experiments of life and society shall be made; a tremendous burden ¬†of bad conscience shall be removed from the world–these most general aims should be recognized by all who are honest and seek truth.

– Nietzsche (The Dawn, 164)