Present Crisis and the Past

…And, yet, despite all differences, one important point stands out. The road of Roman civilization was a road to barbarism. Will it turn out to be the same road we are on today? Whatever historical comparison may afford for an understanding of the present crisis, it can give us no assurance regarding the latter’s outcome. […]

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Ethical and Metaphysical Values, Irresponsible Mass Action, The Word, Truth & Opinion

…If, then, a retrieval of ethical and metaphysical values is what is needed, it can hardly be said that we are on the right road at present. The sense of human responsibility, seemingly strengthened by the exhortations of heroism, has been uprooted from the soil of the individual conscience and mobilised in favour of any […]

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Katharsis and Askesis

Katharsis: thus the Greeks called the state of mind produced by the spectacle of the tragedy, the stillness of heart in which compassion and fear have been dissolved, the purification of the soul which springs from having grasped a deeper meaning in things; which creates a grave and new preparedness for acts of duty and […]

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The Uncarved is the realm within which things are allowed to go through the process of continual carving and un-carving. Its purpose is for gathering and research. Gathering together the insights and materials of the past for the betterment and raising up of the Present from the confusing murkiness within which everything now resides. In short…this […]

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