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Monthly Archives: July 2014

ἀγαθοειδές:   like the good
ἀγαθόν:   good
αἴσθησις:   perception
ἀλήθεια:   unhiddenness, truth
ἀληθής:   unhidden, true
ἀλλοδοξία:   substitution
ἀναλογίζεσθαι:   to reckon

γένεσις:   origination, genesis
γένος:   genus
γνῶσις:   knowledge

δηλοῦν:   to reveal
διά:   through
διαλέγειν:   to discuss, to talk through
διανοεῖν:   to perceive (through the soul)
δοκεῖν:   to show itself, to appear
δόξα:   view, opinion
δοξάζειν:   to have a view
δύναμις:   potentiality for
δύναται:   be capable of

εἰδέναι:   to see
εἶδος:   what-being, look
εἴδωλον:   image
εἶναι:   being
ἐπισκοπεῖν:   to look upon
ἐπιστήμη:   knowledge, knowing one’s way around
ἐπορέγεσθαι:   to strive for
ἔρως:   desire, striving

ζυγόν:   yoke
ζῷωον λόγον ἔχον:   the living being possessed of speech

ἡλιοειδές:   like the sun
ἥλιος:   sun

ἰδέα:   idea, form, look

κοινόν:   common

λαμβάνειν:   to take
λέγειν:   to gather, to say
λήθη:   forgetting
λογίζεσθαι:   to gather together
λόγος:   speech, discourse

μαθήματα:   things we can learn
μεταξύ:   intermediate, something between
μὴ ὄν:   non-being, non-entity
μνημοσύνη:   keeping-in-mind, memory

νοεῖν:   perceiving ( by reason, νοῦς )
νοεῖσθαι:   to be perceived ( in νοεῖν )
νοούμενα:   what is perceived ( in νοεῖν )
νοῦς:   reason

ὁμοίωσις:   correspondence
ὄν:   being (thing), beings
ὁρᾶν:   to see, to look at
ὁρᾶσθαι:   to be seen
ὀρθότης:   correctness
ὁρώμενα:   what is accessible to the eyes
οὐδέν:   nothing
οὐσία:   being

παιδεία:   positionedness, education

σοφός:   someone who understands
συλλογισμός:   process of reasoning

τέλος:   end, goal

φαντασία:   what appears
φιλομαθής:   the person who has the drive to really learn
φίλος:   friend
φιλοσοφεῖν:   to philosophize
φύσις:   nature
φῶς:   illumination, light

ψευδὴς δόξα:   distorted view
ψεῦδος:   distortion, untruth
ψυχή:   soul



Taken from Heidegger’s: The Essence of Truth, p.281-283