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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Greek word φιλόσοφος is put together from σοφός and φίλος. A σοφός is someone who understands something, who has reliable knowledge in a particular area, who understands the matter at hand and who enacts an ultimate decision and law-giving, φίλος is friend, φιλόσοφος someone whose Dasein is determined through φιλόσοφία(Philosophy): not someone who pursues ‘philosophy’ as a matter of general ‘education’, but someone for whom philosophy is the basic character of the being of man and who, in advance of his age, creates this being, lets it originate, drives it forward. The philosopher is someone possessed of the drive and inner necessity to understand beings in the whole, φιλόσοφία , φιλόσοφεῖν(to philosophize) does not mean science (research within a delimited region of beings and with a restricted problematic), nor is it primary and fundamental science, but is an openness to the questioning of being and essence, wanting to get to the bottom of beings and of being as such. In short, the philosopher is the friend of being.

– Heidegger (The Essence of Truth, p.66-67)


O Socrates,

All you did was question and never write and therefore you are the greatest of thinkers.

You also did not do much else other than make shoes and ask questions.

We know you as a thinker, philosopher, and not a shoe maker so you must have been better at the one and only did the other so as to have food and shelter.

So from this example of a man who barely did anything but question and think we are given, as his disciple, Plato, founder of the way that we think, and yet during his time he upset, personally, a few powerful men whose ego’s, enslaving them, made them think they had to sentence you to death.

And yet it was your presence and influence, albeit a shake you and wake you up influence by pointing out all of the assumptions and short comings of the average Athenians thinking, that helped keep Athens vitally alive and creative…

In short I like very much the Socratic Method…I want to face my assumptions and short comings…but it should be done together where we lay bare each others short comings and prejudices….but, alas, who has the stamina for this?