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Monthly Archives: September 2013

No one rises above himself who has not turned his most
dangerous weapon against himself. One who wants to rise above
himself shall climb down and hoist himself onto himself and lug
himself to the place of sacrifice. But what must happen to a man
until he realizes that outer visible success, that he can grasp with
his hands, leads him astray. What suffering must be brought
upon humanity; until man gives up satisfying his longing for
power over his fellow man and forever wanting others to be the
same. How much blood must go on flowing until man opens his
eyes and sees the way to his own path and himself as the enemy;
and becomes aware of his real success. You ought to be able to
live with yourself but not at your neighbor’s expense. The herd
animal is not his brother’s parasite and pest. Man, you have even
forgotten that you too are an animal. You actually still seem to
believe that life is better elsewhere. Woe unto you if your neighbor
also thinks so. But you may be sure that he does. Someone must
begin to stop being childish.

– Jung (The Red Book, p.310)


The animal does not rebel against its own kind. Consider
animals: how just they are, how well-behaved, how they keep
to the time-honored, how loyal they are to the land that bears
them, how they hold to their accustomed routes, how they care
for their young, how they go together to pasture, and how they
draw one another to the spring. There is not one that conceals
its overabundance of prey and lets its brother starve as a result.
There is not one that tries to enforce its will on those of its own
kind. Not a one mistakenly imagines that it is an elephant when
it is a mosquito. The animal lives fittingly and true to the life of its
species, neither exceeding nor falling short of it.

He who never lives his animal must treat his brother like an
animal. Abase yourself and live your animal so that you will be
able to treat your brother correctly. You will thus redeem all those
roaming dead who strive to feed on the living. And do not turn
anything you do into a law, since that is the hubris of power.

– Jung (The Red Book, p.296)

However men may differ in disposition and in education, the foundations of human nature are the same in everyone. And every human being can draw in the course of his education from the inexhaustible wellspring of the divine in man’s nature. But here likewise two dangers threaten: a man may fail in his education to penetrate to the real roots of humanity and remain fixed in convention–a partial education of this sort is as bad as none–or he may suddenly collapse and neglect his self-development.

– I Ching (Hexagram/Gua 48)

What is convention? A rule, method, practice or custom.

Do you do what everyone else does because everyone else does it? Or have you plunged into the deep and understanding the roots gained the ability to switch things up?

In short do you think for yourself or are you too afraid to be different or unique? Are you scared of what others think and that your uniqueness has created a difference that will cause others to pull back or disregard you? Is the change you made at all necessary or did you do it on a whim and should be disregarded?



The tension of the future is unbearable in us. It must break
through narrow cracks, it must force new ways. You want to cast
off the burden, you want to escape the inescapable. Running away
is deception and detour. Shut your eyes so that you do not see the
manifold, the outwardly plural, the tearing away and the tempting.
There is only one way and that is your way; there is only one salvation
and that is your salvation. Why are you looking around for
help? Do you believe that help will come from outside? What is to
come is created in you and from you. Hence look into yourself. Do
not compare, do not measure. No other way is like yours. All other
ways deceive and tempt you. You must fulfill the way that is in you.

Oh, that all men and all their ways become strange to you!
Thus might you find them again within yourself and recognize
their ways. But what weakness! What doubt! What fear! You will
not bear going your way. You always want to have at least one foot
on paths not your own to avoid the great solitude! So that maternal
comfort is always with you! So that someone acknowledges you,
recognizes you, bestows trust in you, comforts you, encourages
you. So that someone pulls you over onto their path, where you
stray from yourself and where it is easier for you to set yourself
aside. As if you were not yourself! Who should accomplish your
deeds? Who should carry your virtues and your vices? You do not
come to an end with your life, and the dead will besiege you
terribly to live your unlived life. Everything must be fulfilled.
Time is of the essence, so why do you want to pile up the lived
and let the unlived rot?

– Jung ( The Red Book, p.308)

The eagle faced night light
Drifts through my mind
And casts a universe
On the waves of the silk abyss.

And I, the unmoved mover
Too unmythical for remembrance,
Verily consecrated in perception
Observe through the mirror: Myself
Being enveloped in the silky depths;
My eyes melting in muck
While I drown in puddled waves.

Death in the shallow night
The light burns the leeches from my eyes.


The words that oscillate between nonsense and supreme
meaning are the oldest and truest.

– Jung (The Red Book – Liber Novus; The  Desert)