Live your Animal

The animal does not rebel against its own kind. Consider animals: how just they are, how well-behaved, how they keep to the time-honored, how loyal they are to the land that bears them, how they hold to their accustomed routes, how they care for their young, how they go together to pasture, and how they […]

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Fear; Fixed in Convention

However men may differ in disposition and in education, the foundations of human nature are the same in everyone. And every human being can draw in the course of his education from the inexhaustible wellspring of the divine in man’s nature. But here likewise two dangers threaten: a man may fail in his education to […]

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The Eagle Faced Night Light

The eagle faced night light Drifts through my mind And casts a universe On the waves of the silk abyss. And I, the unmoved mover Too unmythical for remembrance, Verily consecrated in perception Observe through the mirror: Myself Being enveloped in the silky depths; My eyes melting in muck While I drown in puddled waves. […]

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