Emancipation of Consciousness

Thus the emancipation of consciousness and the fragmentationof archetypes are far from being a negative process in thesense that primitive man experiences an “animated” world, whilemodern man knows only an “abstract” one. Pure existence in theunconscious, which primitive man shares with the animal, isindeed nonhuman and prehuman. The fact that the dawn ofconsciousness and the […]

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Rarity of Consciousness

The cardinal discovery of transpersonal psychology is that the collective psyche, the deepest layer of the unconscious, is the living ground current from which is derived everything to do with a particularized ego possessing consciousness: upon this it is based, by this it is nourished, and without this it cannot exist. The group psyche which, […]

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Conceptualizing the Ego

The ego complex is a content of consciousness as well as a condition of consciousness, for a psychic element is conscious to me so far as it is related to the ego complex. But so far as the ego is only the center of my field of consciousness, it is not identical with the whole […]

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The Aim of the Self-Centered

The third type of hero does not seek to change the world through his struggle with inside or outside, but to transform the personality. Self-transformation is his true aim, and the liberating effect this has upon the world is only secondary. His self-transformation may be held up as a human ideal, but his consciousness is […]

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