Growth In Relationship

Seldom or never does a marriage develop into an individual relationship smoothly or without crises. There is no birth of consciousness without pain. – Jung (Portable Jung, p.167)   The “individual relationship” Jung is talking about here is how the gradual growth of the two people, who usually come together unconsciously, can help turn each […]

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Engaging in Unfortunate Events

When Heaven is about to confer a great mission upon a person, it first exercises his mind with suffering and his body with toil. It subjects him to hunger and poverty and perplexes his undertakings. By all these means it stimulates his mind, hardens his nature, and relieves his incompetence. – Mencius

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Unconscious Compensations

The unconscious processes that compensate the conscious ego contain all those elements that are necessary for the self-regulation of the psyche as a whole. On the personal level, these are the not consciously recognized personal motives which appear in dreams, or the meanings of daily situations which we have overlooked, or conclusions we have failed […]

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Big or a Little One?

The Elgonyi, natives of the Elgon forests, of central Africa, explained to me that there are two kinds of dreams: the ordinary dream of the little man, and the “big vision” that only the great man has, e.g., the medicine-man or chief. Little dreams are of no account, but if a man has a “big […]

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A Feminine Intellect

At the Beginning of the treatment the patient was quite unconscious of the fact that her relation to her father was a fixation, and that she¬†was therefore seeking a man like her father, whom she could meet with her intellect. This in itself would not have been a mistake if her intellect had not had […]

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