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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Child wakes from birth
With soular eyes piercing
The infinitely beautiful skies.
And smiling, crawls into and out of
All shapes and colours of perception.

Soon walking and running learns that
The physical is the playground of creation;
The abode of pleasure and pain.
But unbeknownst to the innocent Child
The Word had been corrupted long ago.

For he was brought not to his
Own mind but to that of others.
Taught not with love and faith
But by the disciplinarians violence.

Told but not shown, shown
But not involved; memorizing
But never thinking; imitating
And never truly understanding.

The world is split in two
With no reason set forth; no true
Beginning to the tale; no Faith
In the child’s ability to see.

So, the World, measured and compared;
Carved by an external, mechanical
Standard, through the Word,
Becomes increasingly dark and dreary.

Polemics ensues while conformity
Dulls and downgrades difference.
And Individualism parades detached
Whim and fancy as nobility.

Some try to reason and question,
Most turn a blind eye and deaf
Ear, expressing their indifference
For thought and care through
Childish entertainments and buffoonery.

The burgeoning mind of the Child
Confronted with what was at first
Considered normal, usual, common
Becomes distraught and obsessed.

No longer can he go back and
No longer does he feel tied to
Who he once was and who friends
And family still imagine him to be.

At first he fights against him self.
At first he tries with all his might
To remain what he once was;
What others thought him to be.

But this is mere stagnation
And insanity. For it always comes
Back to painful anxiety and the
Internal struggle never recedes.

And then on the brink, alone, stricken
With the endless suffering of struggle
Against change and the strange new path
Laid out before him; he surrenders.

Exhausted and crying, he opens up
And praying; he asks for what he
For so long had fought against;
The struggle finally reaches climax.

He has let go of his image of self;
The fear of his own path begins to
Freely flow away and a new feeling
Slowly takes away the burden he carried.

Having not felt this before he is
perplexed; His weightlessness surprises him
And he asks why he feels this way;
Looks to see why a smile creeps across his face.

He understands not his peacefulness;
His inner tranquility. All he knows is
That, for whatever reason, he has been uplifted,
And this joyful emptiness ushers him to sleep.

In his slumber he begins to dream,
In his dream dwells a bright whiteness
And slowly a figure emerges and speaks unto him:
“Truth leads to untruth, Untruth leads to truth.”

Uncurling from the forbidding night
A new day is dawning and the
Sun, vibrant in its illumination,
Dissolves the Worlds uncertainty.

The wall of words have given way
To the ripening of the Word
And have scattered guideposts
For the long journey ahead.





The Master said, “With sincere faith he unites the love of learning; holding firm to death, he is perfecting the excellence of his course.

“Such an one will not enter a tottering state, nor dwell in a disorganized one. When right principles of government prevail in the kingdom, he will show himself; when they are prostrated, he will keep concealed.

“When a country is well governed, poverty and a mean condition are things to be ashamed of. When a country is ill governed, riches and honor are things to be ashamed of.”

– Analects of Confucius