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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The man, I resumed, who has not at least once in his life felt full, pure beauty in himself when the powers of his being played into one another like the colours in a rainbow, who has never experienced how, only in hours of enthusiasm, all is in the most intimate accord, this man will not even be a philosophical skeptic, his spirit is not even made for tearing down, let alone building up. For, believe me, the skeptic finds contradiction and flaw in all that is thought only because he knows the harmony of flawless beauty, which is never thought. He disdains the dry bread that well-meaning human reason offers him only because he feasts in secret at the table of the gods.


– Holderlin (Hyperion, approx: p102-109)


O Life,

Please continue to throw me back upon myself.

I don’t know any better way to see and grow;

Thrust upon me your tests and your challenges.

Imbue me with that love of adversity that propels true self-development.

O ye mighty Gods, take me and form me. Lift me up and cast me down; for ever have I been yours.

Mold me into that which I am and show me that which we are.


O Life, where is the hell I used to know?

Why can I no longer fall?

How come my darkness doesn’t seem so dark?

Have I truly come so far…Deep within me, am I so strong?

And yet what then is this desire for the dark, the unknown?

This longing for ceaseless struggle and strife.

O my love, will we ever understand; there is more life in our sufferings than our attempts for mere comfort. More love in our shared struggle to Be than in our mere wanting to belong.

There is nothing but deadly stagnation in the mere acceptance of each other.

For love grows out of the persevering struggle for tolerance and understanding, out of our not knowing and the surrender to it.