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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fugue is the most complex of contrapuntal forms. In Ratz’s words, “fugal technique significantly burdens the shaping of musical ideas, and it was given only to the greatest geniuses, such as Bach and Beethoven, to breathe life into such an unwieldy form and make it the bearer of the highest thoughts.”

– Erwin Ratz   (


To have you before me

And look into your eyes,

To gaze upon your lips

And see your smile


To hear the music of your life

And share in its sorrow and joy,

To be contrapuntally poised

And become a fugue


To feel you underneath my touch

And taste the sweetness of your skin

To trace the curves of your body

And kiss the nap of your neck


To hold you bare against my breast

And run my fingers through your hair

To enjoy you pressed against me

And let the whole world disappear.


What is all that men have done and thought over thousands of years, compared with one moment of love. But in all Nature, too, it is what is nearest to perfection, what is most divinely beautiful! There all stairs lead from the threshold of life. From there we come, to there we go.

– Holderlin  (Hyperion)

When the creators have disappeared from the people, when they are barely tolerated as irrelevant curiosities, as ornaments, as eccentrics alien to life, when authentic struggle ceases and shifts into the merely polemical, into the intrigues and machinations of human beings within the present-at-hand, then the decline has already begun. For even when an age still makes an effort just to uphold the inherited level and dignity of its Dasein, the level already sinks. It can be upheld only insofar as at all times it is creatively transcended.

– Heidegger  (Introduction to Metaphysics, p. 67)

“If you introduce new, intelligent ideas to fools, you will be thought frivolous, not intelligent. On the other hand, if you do get a reputation for surpassing those who are supposed to be intellectually sophisticated, you will seem to be a thorn in the city’s flesh. This is what has happened to me.”— Medea, lines 298-302

– Euripides

Being able to question means being able to wait, even for a life time. But an age for which the actual is only whatever goes fast and can be grasped with both hands takes questioning as “a stranger to reality,” as something that does not count as profitable. But what is essential is not counting but the right time–that is, the right moment and the right endurance.

For the mindful god
does detest
untimely growth.
-Holderlin, fragment from the period of “The Titans”
– Heidegger, Intro to Metaphysics, chap.4, p.221, The Restriction of Being