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Monthly Archives: July 2012

What is it that shapes a person if it is not his life history? And in the same way a splendid person is shaped by nothing other than world history. Many people live better in the past and the future than in the present. Even the present cannot at all be understood without the past and without a high degree of education–saturation with the highest products, the purest spirit of the age and of the past, and a digestion of this, from what source the human prophetic view arises, which the historian, the active, idealistic person who works with the data of history can as little do without as the grammatical and rhetorical story teller.
In his discourse the historian must often become an orator. Indeed he speaks gospels, for the whole of history is gospel.


– Novalis (Philosophical Writings, p.155)


Illnesses, particularly long-lasting ones, are years of apprenticeship in the art of life and the shaping of the mind.  One must seek to use them through daily observations.  For is not the life of the educated person a constant challenge to learn?  The educated person lives entirely for the future.  His life is struggle; his sustenance and purpose learning and art.  The more one learns to live no longer in moments but in years etc., the nobler one becomes.  The hurried unrest, the petty doings of the spirit are transformed into great, calm, simple, and comprehensive activity, and splendid patience arrives.  Religion and morality become ever more triumphant, these founding strongholds of our existence.
Every natural distress is a reminder of a higher home, a higher nature that is more akin to us.

– Novalis  (Philosophical Writings, p.163)