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Monthly Archives: January 2012

How quickly you turn unequivocal
things equivocal;

How quickly the self
is tossed away and
nothing is demanded.
Not even what one
needs to be ones self.

– Only the doer learns


The eye spins
like a coil
’round the
river of life.

Birth of mind;

The sight of
many, forever revolving
poles, as one
dips in and out
in and out–
through the music
of the river of


How quickly you turn equivocal
things unequivocal;

How quickly the self
over-imposes and
demands things
for its security.

-Only the doer learns

It was possible, for example, as that recluse had done, to turn oneself into a Chinese, shut oneself off behind a garden hedge, and live in a self-sufficient and beautiful kind of perfection. One might also become a Pythagorean or a monk and scholastic — but these were still escapes, renunciations of universality possible and permissible only to a few. They involved renunciation of the present and the future in favor of something perfect enough, but past.

-Hesse (Glass Bead Game)

Every genuine philosopher stands anew and alone in the midst of the same few questions, and in such a way that neither god nor devil can help if he has not begun to buckle down to the work of questioning. Only when this has happened can he learn from others like himself and thus truly learn, in a way that the most zealous apprentices and transcribers never can.

– Heidegger