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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Have you ever sensed or felt something before you could put a word on it? Or when at school, even though you were given the word, you couldn’t quite see it but you could sense it or had a feeling for it?

And when you had the word or thought in your head and then became emotional or were filled with a feeling, then you were experiencing them not as separated but as one.

For in this respect the feeling and sensations flow into the word and thought through a growth in abstract understanding. And the opposite follows: you brought back down an abstract word or thought and increased your feeling of it or for it. You deepened and enriched it.

In short we, when given over to emotions, need the clarity of objectively seeing what is happening by increasing our emotional distance through ordering things in a more abstract manner. But when we are too abstract and detached from reality, each other or ourselves what we need is to drop our objectivity and orderings so as to sink back in with everything and everyone else. In other words, since man can’t live on bread alone, he gives up his insistence in one way or seeing of things and begins to work with instead of against.

This can also be summed up quickly and easily but only really understood if you deepen each word with your own understanding: Music and Math.

For Music brings us together by weakening our divided lines and therefore strengthening our oneness through rhythm and dance (words are not necessarily needed for this). This weakening of distinction can also be dangerous as it can kill deliberation through use and therefore abuse of the emotional capacity of man to over-look things….in short a mob. And a mob usually means very little thinking or at least very narrow limited thinking.

While Math clears things up by drawing lines and making distinctions between things. But also at the same time can become rigid and authoritarian or tyrannical; wanting to enforce order instead of feeling and seeing each needs to see for themselves.

But look for yourself…what do you see?