The Broad

“The broad, incalculable sweep of time lets emerge everything that is not open as well as concealing (again) in itself what has appeared.” – Sophocles Advertisements

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Although we need the Word to keep things known in common, people still treat specialists as if their nonsense were a form of wisdom. – Heraclitus (translated by Brooks Haxton)

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Why is Truth Unpalatable?

If I think I am very beautiful and you tell me I am not, which may be a fact, do I like it? If I think I am very intelligent, very clever, and you point out that I am actually a rather silly person, it is very unpalatable to me. And your pointing out my stupidity gives […]

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The Uncanny

The uncanny is the simple, the insignificant, ungraspable by the fangs of the will, withdrawing itself from all artifices of calculation, because it surpasses all planning. Heidegger

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The Thinkers

“It is said they (the thinkers) indeed know things that are excessive, and thus astounding, and thereby difficult, and hence in general [uncanny]—but also useless, for they are not seeking what is, according to straightforward popular opinion, good for man.” Aristotle (translated by Heidegger)

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To Be…an Example?

Society is not changed by example. Society may reform itself, it may bring about certain changes through political or economic revolution, but only the religious man can create a fundamental transformation in society; and the religious man is not he who practices starvation as an example to impress society. The religious man is not concerned […]

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