Noble Discontent and Beauty

The factor in human life provocative of a noble discontent is the gradual emergence into prominence of a sense of criticism, founded upon appreciations of beauty, and of intellectual distinction, and of duty. The moral element is derivative from the other factors in experience. For otherwise there is no content for duty to operate upon. […]

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Towards Wisdom

…But wisdom is persistent pursuit of the deeper understanding, ever confronting intellectual system with the importance of its omissions.  Whitehead, adventure of ideas, p. 47

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Towards the Dawn

Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth leads to Truth. The path and way of being, particularly human being, flows like this. This is one of the most general notions that can be spoken about the Essence and Destiny of Man. Truth leads to Untruth, Untruth to Truth. Man is that organic process, that creatively ordered flux. […]

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Towards Grasping Projection(s)

…Obviously, the negative inner image can also be suppressed and projected outward. That is, one can project one’s own moral problem–as usual–onto another person. As soon as this does not happen and one confronts one’s own problem, the projection is withdrawn and the actual image of the Other becomes visible. – Neumann (Jacob and Esau, […]

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Lament No permanence is ours; we are a wave That flows to fit whatever form it finds: Through day or night, cathedral or the cave We pass forever, craving form that binds. Mold after mold we fill and never rest, We find no home where joy or grief runs deep. We move, we are the […]

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Grasping the correct condition of the soul as presupposition for genuine speech (discussing)

d) The correct condition of the ψυχή  as presupposition for genuine λόγος (διαλέγεσθαι). To summarize, λόγος [speech], in its genuine function, is founded on dialectic. But, at the same time, we see that λέγειν [to speak], if it is living speech–living in the sense that it lets others see–necessarily presupposes a readiness to see on the part […]

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